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Our Story

We have built this company from the ground up! If you haven’t stopped by either of our locations to try our specialty desserts, we highly encourage you to give it a try!

Here is a little about us and how all of this got started!

Amanda is from Bloomsdale where she raises three girls and is married to her husband Luke! Amanda had the spark of inspiration that has led us all to here! You can usually find Amanda passing out marketing samples as she spends work days as a Graphic Designer/Sales Manager. She loves the outdoors and making memories with her family and friends. Amanda is very involved in both communities as she works hand in hand with many businesses in the area.

Emily is from Ste. Genevieve where she raises her four girls and is married to her husband Bryan! Emily has a passion for networking with others in the area! Emily works as a tax accountant, mostly from home now, but her office is in St. Louis. She has a love for making her family happy and is constantly on the go looking for a new adventure.

Something each of us share, which is the true inspiration behind our name, is that we both love to star gaze! There’s nothing more peaceful and serene than looking up at a pitch-black sky watching for shooting starts, meteors, or other celestial wonders. We hope you’ll love Luna’s and the fact that we offer ALL-NATURAL syrups, toppings, and ice cream for you and yours. We’ve tried to add a spin into your typical shaved ice by offering fresh fruit and ice cream to make your shaved ice a one-of-a-kind treat!




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