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  • What are the specs in my Moonsicle?
    Specs and sediment are completely natural in our process. We use all natural ingredients, which means, there are tiny particles of fruit left from the manufacturing process.
  • My popsicles are turning brown after freezing, is this normal?
    Browning is normal, when using all natural ingredients, this will happen sometimes. Your Moonsicles are safe to eat, even if brown spots occur.
  • Are your Moonsicles approved by the FDA?
    Our Moonsicles have been through several rounds of testing with a process authority (fancy lab), in Nashville, TN, and our facilities are inspected by the FDA.
  • Where can I find a nutrition label?
    We are currently in the process of a nutrition study on our Moonsicles. The FDA does not mandate us to complete this until we reach a certain production amount.
  • Do you have a sugar free version of the Moonsicle?
    Our Moonsicles have to go through extensive testing to become FDA approved. A sugar free version is in the works, but a date has not been announced.
  • Can I order in bulk?
    Please contact us at for different pricing options to fit your budget.
  • Do you wholesale your Moonsicles?
    Yes, please contact us at
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